Solid Rear Differential Mount for Nissan 350z & G35

Sale price$115.00


  • For Nissan 350z & G35
Features and Benefits:
  • This system was designed to reduce movement of the rear differential.
  • This helps to improve transmission feedback when shifting and gives the car a more solid feel under hard acceleration.
  • By replacing the OEM rubber with these solid billet pieces you are able to get rid of the unwanted slop and flexing of the stock units which allows for the power to go into rotating the tires, instead of flexing the rubber.
  • Giving you better feedback, sharper response, more predictability on throttle input, along with eliminating annoying clunking during hard shifts.
  • Reduced Wheel Hop
  • Eliminates excessive rear end slop
  • Reduces rear end float under acceleration
  • Solid feeling gear changes
Dimensions& Material:
  • Material: Made of high-quality Aluminum
  • Color: Black.

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