Front Clear Bumper LED Dual Position Lights S13 180SX Type X

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Front Clear Bumper LED Dual Position Lights. Lights will enhance the aesthetic look of your car by using clear lenses. With these lights, you will be able to transmit light easier to give you a clean and stylish look. Replacement lights designed with a clear style lens. Lights are always aimed at improving visibility and the vision during day and night driving. LED technology basically stands out for the following characteristics, first of all, a light temperature that is similar to the quality of daylight, an extremely long lifecycle, and reduced energy consumption. They also offer the opportunity to improve appearance. These lights are produced with OE quality and are designed as complete replacements for the factory unit. Gent5 Lights are manufactured to the highest standards in the aftermarket industry.


  • Nissan 180SX 96-98 “kouki” bumper
  • Also known as “Type-X” position lights

Key features:

  • LED bulb
  • Replaces factory position lights.
  • Dual post.
  • May require modification to wire harnes

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