Exhaust Gasket - 2.5 Inch (63.5 mm) 2 Bolt Type

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Exhaust Gasket - 2.5 Inch. Is your exhaust gasket leaking? Before it explodes inside your vehicle, get a new one today. Your car might look good on the outside, but if its exhaust pipes are leaking, then its style is for naught. Not only will exhaust leaks generate irritating noises, they'll also cause backfiring in the exhaust pipes. Because pipes are whole-piece tubes, the leaks most commonly come from the pipe connections. Our Gent5 Exhaust Gasket - 2.5 Inch can keep the engine from working harder than it already has to. This gasket ensures that the engine doesn't waste power on pushing exhaust gases out of the cylinders and it also keeps toxic gases safely contained within its structure. This prevents the leakage of exhaust emissions to other parts of the vehicle. And it completes the function of the exhaust system. All these functions support the operations of the engine system. Gent5 Exhaust Gaskets are manufactured to the highest standards in the aftermarket industry. So you don’t have to worry! Application:
  • Universal for all cars
Key Features:
  • Replacement gasket to rid of those exhaust leaks that happens from old worn out gaskets.
  • Gent Exhaust Gasket
  • 2.5 Inch (63.5 mm)
  • 2 Bolt Type.
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